Smart Bluetooth watch scheme development, 4G Bluetooth step positioning card, SOS Bracelet software development

Smart Bluetooth watch scheme development, 4G Bluetooth step positioning card, SOS Bracelet software developmentOverview of smart watch scheme:The round screen smart watch is a wearable smart device. W

Smart Bluetooth watch scheme development, 4G Bluetooth step positioning card, SOS Bracelet software development

Smart Bluetooth watch scheme development, 4G Bluetooth step positioning card, SOS Bracelet software development

Overview of smart watch scheme:

The round screen smart watch is a wearable smart device. With this watch, users can record exercise, sleep, some and diet in their daily life

And other real-time data, and synchronize these data with mobile phones, tablets and iPod touch to guide healthy life through data. Round screen intelligent hand

The table scheme supports activities, exercise, sleep and other modes, can record nutrition, and has functions such as intelligent alarm clock and health reminder.

Smart watch scheme function:

1. Independent intelligent system, supporting application synchronization

2. Push instant messages and raise your hand to light up the screen;

3. Heart rate monitoring

4. Motion meter step

5. 3atm waterproof design

6. 1.39 inch AMOLED capacitive touch screen

7. Independent Android 4.3 system platform

8. Resolution: 400 × 400,287PPI

9. Sensors: heart rate, G-sensor, gyroscope, air pressure, gyroscope

10. Bluetooth: Low Power Bluetooth 4.0

Material: high strength zinc alloy body + silicone strap

Process: zinc alloy wire drawing electroplating

Size: 47.9 * 40 * 11.8mm

CPU:533MHz MTK6261D

Storage capacity: 64M + 64M; Support up to 32GB TF memory card

Display screen: 1.54 inch HD touch capacitor; Screen resolution: 240 * 240 pixel

Bluetooth: ver. 3.0

Photo: Yes

Battery: 380mah

Acceleration sensor: support: it supports three-axis gravity sensor, and the screen automatically in four directions.

Touch screen: IPS capacitive screen

Main functions: GSM / GPRS 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900;

Base station positioning, dialing, hands-free answering, Bluetooth calling, synchronizing phonebook

SMS: local SMS, Bluetooth SMS synchronization

Entertainment: MP3, MP4, Bluetooth music

Call reminder: ringing and vibration reminder

Clock display: 3 sets of clock display, free switching, click to switch at will

Two way loss prevention: loss prevention reminder and two-way search

Pedometer: exercise step counting, calorie consumption calculation, exercise mileage recording

Sedentary reminder: support

Sleep monitoring: support

Shooting: the watch takes photos independently and is stored locally. The watch can be remotely controlled and photographed by the mobile phone and stored on the mobile phone

Bluetooth push: QQ, wechat, SMS, news and other client information, system setting information, memo reminder synchronization, time setting synchronization, etc

A1 smart watch has SIM card call, SMS, audio and video playback, photography, weather, recorder, step counting, health management, GPS, Bluetooth assistance, etc

Various functions, beautiful interface, simple and smooth operation.









Main business:

Household appliances: clothes dryer, electric toothbrush, remote control curtain, electric fan controller, water dispenser, air freshener, water purifier, air conditioner, dehumidifier, heater, range hood, disinfection cabinet, electric water heater, electric rice cooker, coffee machine, soybean milk machine, hot water bottle, electric oven, electric iron, hair straightener, charger, electronic scale, table lamp controller, infrared induction switch, etc.

Digital category: mobile power supply, wire controlled headset, mobile phone back clip, car charger, Car FM, Bluetooth headset, audio, mobile phone data cable, data conversion head, etc.

Remote control: RF / IR remote control aircraft, RF / IR remote control vehicle, PS machine, etc.

Communication: IC card reader, access control system, wireless audio transfer controller, TV remote controller, air conditioner remote controller, set-top box learning remote controller, laser pen, RF / IR, satellite wireless switch, wireless control and communication with other ICs.

Security category: automobile anti-theft device, electric vehicle alarm, motorcycle alarm, odometer, smoke alarm, family fire smoke alarm, heat release infrared alarm, etc.

Medical care: remote control egg skipping, vibrating stick, face massager, acupuncture massager, foot bath, foot basin, vibrating motor massager, fat throwing machine (belt), sole massager, waist massager, back pounding machine, treadmill, thermometer, slimming device, etc.

Lighting: guardrail tube, meteor lamp, point light source, remote control lamp, stage lamp controller, all kinds of LED control lamp, LED flashlight, etc.

Others: electronic cigarette, atomizer, humidifier, beauty instrument, ammeter and voltmeter, touch scheme, etc.