Sports Bluetooth headset U8

Sports Bluetooth headset U8Streamlined design, multi-color matching, power display, CVC6.0+DSP dual noise reduction, heavy bass, anti-sweat.Stimulate your athletic potentiality.Round the weight bass f

Sports Bluetooth headset U8
Streamlined design, multi-color matching, power display, CVC6.0+DSP dual noise reduction, heavy bass, anti-sweat.

Stimulate your athletic potentiality.
Round the weight bass for 8 hours,silica gel ear hanger.
U8 professional sports Bluetooth headset

Waterproof and sweat resistant, comfortable for ear, chip upgrade which is about 18.5g
Long life, HD call, Bluetooth 4.1, shock bass

Are you still worried about finding a suitable headphone?
The earphone is too long and the stethoscope is very serious.
Ordinary Bluetooth headset with poor sound quality is intolerable.
Wearing uncomfortably, always want to remove earphones.

Wanton movement, anti water or sweat
U8 adopts nanometer waterproofing and structural waterproofing technology. It has reached IPX7 waterproofing standard and can effectively prevent the erosion of headphones by sweat or rain.

Won’t be thrown away even with strenuous exercise.
30 degree ergonomics design, soft and comfortable, no foreigh matter feelings, no leakage, full music sound.

Intelligent noise reduction, sound more pure.
Smart chips can identify human voice and noise.
It’s also easy to talk in noisy environment.

Big diaphragm true copper ring horn
This is the rhythm of bang bang bang, more like enjoying playing the drum kit.
Let good voice and wireless be combined together, sound analysis and, reaction speed get promoted.

Say goodbye to wire control, easy button control.
Farewell to line control imbalance and collision friction, more relaxing control, exercise more freely.

Long press the “previous” button for one second, volume gets louder.
Long press the “next”button for one second, volume gets lower.
Multi function keypad playback / pause / answer / hang up / reject

Comfortable and stable.
Following the simple and beautiful design concept instead of mediocrity, having an outstanding value, you may love it deeply in your heart.

Long endurance, long standby
8 hours of endurance, 10 days standby, a data line can be recharged anywhere and anytime.
Can be charged when connected to the computer, the treasure or the plug.
Battery capacity: 100mAH

Fever grade experience
4.1 imported high-quality chips
Effectively improve the quality of music playing and the standby time, 10 meters’ connection distance is a stable connection.
Lower power consumption, stronger signal and better sound quality.

Bluetooth 4.1 technology, HD free talk.
Built in high-definition microphone, it can intelligently eliminate noise, make the call effect clear and loud.
Incoming voice call, HD call microphone, Bluetooth support, CVC echo de-noising.

Chinese voice prompt
It supports intelligent voice broadcast, and understands all kinds of headphones clearly.
Switch prompt, connection reminder, call play, power reminder

ISO power display
Check your battery at any time and say goodbye to “Low Power”.
(Apple Mobile and most of the high version Android phones support)
Support various Bluetooth devices, strong compatibility)

As long as you have Bluetooth, it can be compatible, connected to mobile phone Bluetooth, speak, listen to songs, watch videos.

Only 3 step is to achieve easy matching.
Simple three steps, easy and fast pairing
1, in the state of Bluetooth shutdown, press the multi-function key until the red and blue lights flicker.
2, turn on the phone and search for Bluetooth devices until the phone searches for the name of the headset device shows “U8”.
3.After searching for “U8”, paired links are carried out. After paired links, the functions of calling and listening to music can be realized.

Product parameters
Model: U8
Color: black, red
Bluetooth version: 4.1
Call duration: about 8 hours.
Music broadcast: about 8 hours.
Standby time: 250 hours
Communication distance: 10 meters
Support protocol: A2DP v1.2, AVRCP v1.4, HFP v1.6, HSP v1.2, DL v1.3
Function: incoming call, music play / pause, mute and noise reduction.